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New Service:

We've launched a new service: fixSSL

FixSSL lets you serve any page over an SSL connection. No more annoying IE Mixed Content warnings!

Our Mission:

To provide you with the tools you need for doing business online quickly, easily, and affordably.

You sell diamonds.

You have a web site. (Even if you don't, we can build one for you !)

You want to sell diamonds on your web site.

We make it happen - Simply and Affordably !™

Sell More.  Work Less.  VirtCert.com.

Real Live VirtCert Search Engine
(From our demo site @ www.DemoDiamonds.com)
(This is sample data only)

From To
From To
Between and Carats
Price Between and Carats
Show Only Certified Diamonds

For the mere pittance of just US$ 90.00 per month, you get:

  • A Diamond Search Engine - We can have it on your web site, usually the same day
  • Live Data Feeds from your Diamond Suppliers - You don't even have to update the inventory - they do it.
  • Online scanned copies of Certificates, Sarin Reports and even Photographs, provided by your suppliers.
  • Flexible Markups - Set one markup for everybody or have different markups for each supplier.
  • Real Customer Support - Talk to any of our customers! We actually answer the phones with people!
  • No Hassles - Why spend thousands of dollars and waste months of time trying to make your own search engine when we've already one it?
  • No Risk - If you don't see the value in our service, you can cancel after the first month and we will give you a full refund of the last month's dues. Nobody has asked for their money back yet!

If you sell just one diamond a month through our service, you've already made money!

If you take advantage of our Affiliates Program, you can make money without selling anything!

Our slogan sums up how we improve your business:

Sell More.  Work Less.  VirtCert.com.

For more information on how VirtCert.com works, Click Here to start the Feature Tour.

To start taking advantage of all the benefits that VirtCert.com offers, Click Here to Sign Up.


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