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Uploading Excel Inventory Files

Many companies keep their inventory lists in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This document shows you how to save your Excel spreadsheet as a text file that VirtCert.com can accept.

Open Your Excel Spreadsheet File

Open the file the way your normally do. Your inventory should be visible on the screen, similar to this:

Click on the File Menu

Click on Save As...

Where it says File Name enter C:\DIAMONDS.TXT
Where it says Save as type: choose Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
Then Click on the Save button to save the file as a Text File.

If you have already saved the file before, you will see this window. Just Click Yes.

You will see this message appear, just click Yes.

You have now created the file to upload to VirtCert.com.

Exit your Excel program and upload the file C:\DIAMONDS.TXT to VirtCert.

Now upload the file you just create to VirtCert.com or Click Here to Read the Uploading Inventory FAQ for more information.


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